Consulting & delivering customer touchpoints across marketing, sales, after sales, and community on top of world-class platforms.

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Touchpoint Consulting

The insights you need for providing stellar customer experience.

Marketing Automation

Build awareness, interest, and convert prospects into customers.


Deliver the best customer experience across marketing, sales, and service.

Location Intelligence

Breathing life into untapped potential of location data.

Touchpoint Consulting


Your business is our business. Which is why our consultants are trained to not just listen but truly understand your business issues and needs. Lava’s certified consultants craft blueprints, consultation documents, training sessions, and more that are industry, product and skill specific.

Our goal is to create a customer-facing solution that would simplify your business tasks, increase sales, provide targeted marketing, and most importantly improve your end customer’s experience.

Marketing Automation


Marketing is a process: you need to reach your target audience, listen, engage and provide value, build trust, measure goals, improve, and repeat until you finally land a sale. For that you’ll need to create content, gather data, customize buyer journeys, and nurture relationships with your customers.

With Lava’s guidance, you can be confident that your company will have a marketing strategy that is designed to constantly adapt to the market. We make sure your team follows best practices specific to your industry, and build processes and workflows using the world’s leading marketing automation platforms including Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot.



The question of whether every company needs a CRM is no longer valid. The answer is an obvious YES! CRM has become a building block on which marketing, customer service, and e-Commerce build upon and is an irreplaceable tool for acquiring new customers as well as serving existing ones.

With such important requirements, you need a CRM that best serves your business over the next 50 years and not just the next 5 years. This means you need a CRM that’s flexible enough to scale & improve over time, serving as the foundation of your business sales process.

With over a decade in designing & implementing CRM solutions, Lava’s team is the only one in Malaysia that can serve as your single partner from start to finish as you transform your sales using the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Location Intelligence


With the recent explosion of location-aware devices around us, Location Intelligence (LI) provides tremendous business opportunities. In fact, as much as 80% of data that you possess has a geo data associated to it. LI goes beyond traditional Geographic Information System (GIS) or isolated Business Intelligence (BI) tools to provide a new layer of insight which was not previously visible by either tools.

Whether your industry is within finance, logistics, retail, real estate, tourismeducation, or something else entirely, chances are you already have location data that you are severely underutilizing.

Building on top the best mapping providers such as Google and Carto, Lava can work with you to build dynamic web & mobile apps that visualize your location data with real-time data manipulation, whether they are for internal use or for end-customers.

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At Lava Protocols, we focus on the long term in all our efforts. Doing business with our customers is only the beginning of a long relationship in which we constantly make sure that customer satisfaction and user adoption are no less than stellar.

We are proud to have served customers from 8 countries across the globe, as well as offer local and on-site support in peninsular Malaysia in English, Chinese, Tamil, and Malay.

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