When we think of marketing automation, we think of generating leads, utilizing email targeting tactics and publishing content to social channels. But the future of marketing automation is much more than all of that.

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displayed the many ways that technology is now making our intimate, daily lives more automated—a trend that is allowing us to spend less time doing chores and more time on the things that matter and it is the same in the marketing world. New, smart marketing automation innovations are freeing us from the time-consuming “chores” of campaign and customer-relationship management, so we can spend more time developing content, improving strategy and being creative.

Smart Marketing Automation Drives Personalization

Smart marketing automation delivers higher conversion rates with greater efficiency and can give brands a personalized edge on the competition. B2B and B2C companies are racing to adopt automation so they can deliver the right content to the right visitor at the right time. They’re looking for personalization so nimble and so precise that each individual gets a uniquely tailored and targeted digital experience.

However successful automation doesn’t happen automatically, it takes clear strategic planning and responsive management by insightful humans. If you’re planning to adopt an automated marketing solution, don’t expect to press a button and kick back. You can expect reduced daily maintenance, freedom from manual rules-based testing, and a more consistent stream of visitor data but with this freedom comes a greater (and more exciting) challenge – How does automation empower salespersons, marketers, and analysts to take your growing data and make the user experience increasingly contextual, adaptable and dynamic?

What’s Different about Smart Marketing Automation?

Most companies already have several marketing automation processes well integrated with their workflow. We know how to streamline key marketing activities such as creating effective email campaigns, scoring leads, managing digital ads, analyzing website statistics and employing visitor segmentation. How can companies go beyond this to do even more and gain deeper insights along the way?

More Advanced Email Sequences

Automated email sequences are currently standard. When you capture a new subscriber or prospect, it triggers a series of welcome emails to introduce your offerings and invite deeper engagement. Smarter email automation will feature dynamic content targeted to your multiple, unique segments. It will also include both email automation that is triggered by web and mobile browsing behavior and highly tailored lifecycle email campaigns that are responsive to users’ complex journeys.

Personalized Social Media Updates

Integrate social media with your other CRM data sources and target social content to individual users based on persona, geolocation, lifecycle stage and more.

Smart Marketing Automation Wants to Make Your Brand More Human

Your users, clients and customers want to feel a one-to-one connection with your brand. Smart marketing automation frees marketers from the constant, manual oversight of testing and analytics tasks and empowers them to be more creative, responsive and connected to their audience day to day. Already, marketing service providers have repositioned themselves as automation software, tools, and integrations. These are exciting advancements for marketers everywhere, especially when automation is used to drive more personal relationships with our users.

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Source: Adobe.com