Rank higher in search engines by keeping these trends in mind.

SEO and social media marketing are two very important aspects of digital marketing which are continuously changing. Therefore it’s important for marketers to keep up with these changes to make sure your business runs smoothly. We’ve listed out some trends we think that you’re likely to miss.

1. Don’t forget to keep building links

If you haven’t been paying much attention to building links or assumed it’s no longer effective, think again! Your ability to thrive high in the search engine ranking still depends a lot on whether you’re building links or not. However, simply building links isn’t going to get you anywhere because you need links which are high in quality and relevant to your content.

2. Local SEO is even better.

Do you really need it? Here’s the deal, Google has become pretty serious about the changes they made towards local searches. When you search for local businesses Google immediately gives you information about the company you’re looking for. And in actuality, it’s very helpful for individual businesses as it helps to boost their visibility on maps, search ranking and also direct useful traffic to their website. What’s more? Getting local links adds credibility to your business and you gain Google’s trust.

3. Jumping on the Voice search wagon.

The smarter our gadgets get, the more easier our lives become as you can now look up things without typing it out. If you’re a marketer, keeping up with the constant changes in tech trends can be quite the challenge. Most of us don’t speak the way we type. Our spoken sentences are often longer and we look for a quick answer to appear right away. Thus, marketers need to start using long-tail keywords if they want to keep up with the trend of voice search.

4. Content optimization is no longer limited to just content.

Traditionally, content optimization meant including internal links on web pages and improving the structure of a site. Now, it involves more components to consider such as click-through rates, your engagement with social media and the type of content you put up to keep your SEO in check. Once that’s been checked off your list, you will notice the other areas which needs changes in your website.

5. Sharing “the-moments” on social media.

Over the past few years, live streaming and sharing videos of special memorable moments have increased among social media users. Snapchat and Instagram already offer these features and even Facebook has added live streaming. This changes the way marketers should use social media. Keep up with the trend and start posting live moments on social media instead of scheduled posts.
Overall, these trends can help you ensure that you’re a step ahead in the competition for getting a higher rank on search engines. The higher your rank is the greater visibility and traffic you can bring to your site. Therefore it is important to look beyond conventional strategies and ensure that your next optimization campaign includes these factors.

A leading Google Maps for Work Partner based in Malaysia, Lava Protocols has a widespread clientele based in 7 other countries in the region. Lava is also an authorised Salesforce Partner Reseller in Malaysia and has more than 9 years of cloud solutions, CRM implementation and consultation experience. We pride ourselves in not just being a CRM partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.

Lava is an authorised Salesforce Partner in Malaysia and has more than a decade of experience in cloud solutions which includes marketing automation, CRM implementation, change management, and consultation. We pride ourselves in not just being a CRM partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.


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