Our client is a non-profit organization that overlooks the involvement of all parties within the supply and demand chain of a particular agricultural commodity on a global scale. They also develop and implement the standards to be practiced in maintaining a sustainable creation and production of this particular product and all its variables.

In order to monitor these standards, our client require companies involved in the production of this agricultural commodity to register as certified members with them.

By doing so, members are adhering to the strict compliance in producing environmentally friendly goods. As of now, our client has an expanding database of 3,080 members from over 88 countries.  




Being certified as a member of our client’s organization helps companies related in the manufacturing, production and general use of this particular commodity be recognised as being environmentally conscious.

On a frequent basis, our client’s membership team would receive applications from these companies and businesses to register as a member of their organization. In order to do so, the applicants were required to apply on our client’s website. However, our client’s website’s membership application function [from the content management system (CMS)] and form were not connected to their Salesforce process.

Each application submitted by an applicant was 8 pages long and resulted in the membership team painstakingly printing out the lengthy application and manually rekeying it on to their Salesforce.com account.

Once the data was verified and approved, the membership approval and membership number then had to be manually updated on the website’s CMS, making the member approval process time-consuming, redundant and ineffective.




The primary objective of this project was to integrate and make the database within the CMS and Salesforce.com communicate with each other as well as enhance the usability of both systems. Our client also wanted ensure the integrity of the data that was published on their website.

The following real time integration with Salesforce was proposed and implemented by Lava Protocols.

○ Step 1: Upon completion and submission of application on website, customer data and application will be pushed to Salesforce.com.

○ Step 2: Salesforce.com will automatically create a new Account and a new Application with unique IDs from CMS.

○ Step 3: When the following criteria are met for the Application, Salesforce.com will push the updated information to the client’s CMS (website).

○ Step 4: Once the application status has been updated, the ID and status update will be pushed to Salesforce.com which will change the status to ‘Due Diligence’.

○ Step 5: Upon approval of the application, the status will change to ‘active’ resulting in updates being pushed to CMS.



Essentially, our client wanted to reduce redundancy which was brought by time consuming data entry and also to reduce the processing time for membership application. Lava was able to do both by implementing a solution which removed the need for manual entry of data from the CMS into Salesforce and back into the CMS. We were also able to increase our client’s membership process by manifold. We also added value to our client by adding an extra feature that allowed them to update applicants on the status of their application automatically.


Lava is an authorised Salesforce Partner Reseller in Malaysia and has more than 9 years of cloud solutions, CRM implementation and consultation experience. We pride ourselves in not just being a CRM partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.