The day was over at work and so I stashed away my laptop and headed for the usual jog around the park with my colleagues. As I walk into office the next morning thinking about what I should devour for lunch, I realise with horror that my table was empty. No laptop. No charger. No mouse.

A thousand thoughts run across my mind. Crap, crap, crap. My documents. Oh gosh, did I save duplicates in the cloud? Did I logout of my social media accounts? Do I have anything sensitive on the drive? This is something that apart from being an absolute bummer, could happen to anyone and it’s consequences can very grave to if you’re a practicer of unhealthy digital habits.

After the panic subsided, I realised that most of my important data were stored on Google Drive which meant I still had access to my work files. Plus I was also able to change my passwords. But I decided to take it a step further with security.

Google provides the function of logging out from all other devices which meant that even with my laptop gone, my data stays secure. When you have access to the cloud, all you need is a secure internet connection in order to work anywhere, anytime.

Google also has a Cloud Platform where tons of data from various businesses are stored. There have been and I suppose always will be doubts as to whether the data stored in the cloud is safe or not. Which is why when big corporations the likes of Snapchat and Coca-Cola use this platform, you know the security provided to protect your data is top-notch.

Snapchat in particular handles sensitive user data and entrusts Google Cloud Platform with its storage. In fact, they’ve recently signed a $2 billion contract of 5 years with Google for the Cloud services.

Coca-Cola on the other hand, uses the platform to run campaigns smoothly 24/7. Not only is it affordable but it also includes redundancy failover techniques, backups and state-of-art monitoring. So even if you were to lose your device, there’s no need to fret if you’ve got all your data stored in the cloud.

We’ve all used Google Drive or other forms of Cloud storage at some point of our lives. What happened to me could easily happen to you. So go ahead and take a minute to think about how your life will be impacted if Cloud did not exist. *shudders in horror*

By:  Aishath Nashwa, Communications Executive.

Lava is an authorised Google Partner in Malaysia and has more than 9 years of cloud solutions and consultation experience. We pride ourselves in not just being a Google partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.