Let’s face it. No one likes to fill up forms, especially if it’s long AND if it’s in hard copy format. *groans* The Lava Protocols team is curious to know what fellow Malaysians (or those who live in Malaysia) go through when they are required to fill up forms during a registration/ application process (printed and online).

filling up forms

Examples include:

  • university application
  • driver’s license application
  • signing up for an app on your phone
  • issuing a complaint on a company’s website
  • opening a bank account
  • membership registration
  • survey form (such as the one you see below. haha).

Be a part of this survey* by answering a few questions here. Your input will determine the outcome of an article we are putting together. For more details, click the link. It will take you less than 5 minutes.

*Please note that you can only fill up this survey if you are CURRENTLY LIVING IN MALAYSIA or HAVE LIVED IN MALAYSIA FOR SOME TIME.

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