By Prethiba Esvary, Marketing and Communications Executive, Lava Protocols


How many of you have friends/ family members who sell insurance on the side? I’m pretty sure a lot of you do.

Almost anyone can sell insurance these days. All you need is an SPM qualification, a pass on the pre-contractual exam, and attend X hours of training annually.

However, being a good insurance agent alone is not enough. The success of the industry is highly dependent on trust and trust is not something that can be earned merely through the relationship built between an agent and customer. It’s also about the speed of purchase and approval cycle, and data security, to name a few.

With growing competition and tightening regulations, how do insurance companies stand out?

A great customer experience.
And of course, an equally great CRM system to help you achieve that.

Below, we talk about Salesforce for insurance companies.

A Local Example

We have a client who is a global leader in insurance and investments. They have over 105 million customers spread across 62 countries. That is a huge number of customers to manage!

Their Malaysian business faced 2 major challenges:

One was the manual application process where data transfer was made from hard copy forms into their online system. This meant that a lot of unnecessary time went into consolidating and validating data from hard copy applications, and high chances of data loss and inaccuracies.

Second was their cash only payment approach for the first payment. This was not viable as it became a hassle to transact in cash especially if the insurance premium is high.


The Solution

Our client already has a Salesforce platform to hold all their customer data in one place. What Lava Protocols did was to:

  • Build a customised insurance application portal on top of their Salesforce system
  • Integrate an online payment system with the portal and Salesforce.

With the portal, agents can easily make an application for their clients and all data are synced with their Salesforce system and consequently to their back-office application. In fact, the portal acts as a central repository for forms which agents can just download as and when needed.

As for the payment system, Lava Protocols integrated the insurance application portal with iPay88, a trusted local payment gateway. When users want to make a payment from the application portal, they are directed to the iPay88 gateway. Once the payment transaction is complete, data is sent to our client’s Salesforce system and consequently to their back-office application. It’s as simple as that.


The Outcome

  • No more manual application form submissions
  • Hassle-free, faster, and more secure payment method
  • Less chances of data inaccuracies and data loss
  • More efficient application approval and payment cycle

Get the case study here


Why Do You Need A CRM?

Perhaps your company already has all of the above, without the use of a CRM. So, why would you need a CRM? Coming from a company that sells CRM solutions in Malaysia, we have a pretty good idea as to why:

  1. Shorten your lead conversion process
  2. Identify gaps and forecast sales pipeline
  3. Get a 360° view of all your customers
  4. Resolve customer cases faster
  5. Get real time, data-driven insights

We go into the details in this article.
If you’d like to know how you can increase sales with CRM, read this.


Lava is a leading CRM solution provider in Malaysia. We have more than a decade of experience in CRM solutions which includes sales, customer service, marketing, implementation, change management, and consultation. We pride ourselves in not just being a CRM partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.


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