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Customer Relationship is Serious Business

Customers play a crucial part in any business. A successful business always pays attention to their customers’ needs and demands. They believe in prioritizing customer satisfaction and understand the value of maintaining a good relationship with their customers. Customer relationship is essential and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology or software for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM system gives everyone from sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other line of business a better way to manage the external interactions and relationships. Custella’s Fleet module is the perfect fleet management software for this. 


What is a Customer Relationship Management Software?

CRM software is a category of software that includes a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many business processes involving their customers such as customer data, clients and contacts information, customer interaction, predict leads, allocate assets or resources etc. CRM software is highly scalable and customizable which helps business to meet overall goals of customer relationship management of a business. A CRM tool like Salesforce lets you store existing and potential customer contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service concerns, and manage marketing campaigns, all in one central location — and make information about every customer interaction available for your company.


Nowadays, CRM software allows businesses to gain actionable customer insights with a back-end analytical engine, view business opportunities with predictive analytics, update operations and personalize customer service based on the customer’s known history and prior interactions with the business. In simple words, A CRM system helps businesses stay in touch with customers, streamline processes, and enhance profitability.


Why Customer Relationship Management Software?

  • All in one place:

CRM will be the single largest revenue area of spending in enterprise software by 2021 as predicted by Gartner. To have a successful business, companies will need up-to date and reliable information. It can get tricky to translate the many streams of data coming in from sales, customer service, marketing, and social media monitoring. Custella has a fleet management tool that can be used to track your business operations for you. The tool will gather data and translate it for you into useful business information. You will be able to see everything in one place as it is a simple, customizable dashboard that will tell you a customer’s previous history with you, the status of their orders, any outstanding customer service issues, and more.


  • Keep track of vital information

Sales and marketing teams generate a flood of data and store them as handwritten notes, in laptops, or in their heads. Customers nowadays communicate using a variety of platforms including social media, website, phone or email. Without a common platform for customer interactions, communication can be missed or lost in the flood of information which can lead to a slow or unsatisfactory response and communication gap may occur. Custella fleet management tool will not only store information, it will translate and strategize for your business and how and when your vehicles should be scheduled. 


  • Know your customers better

More visibility and easy access to data makes it is easier for companies to collaborate and increase productivity. Everyone in your company will see how customers have been communicated with, what they have bought, when they made their last purchase, what they paid, and so much more. You can even choose to include information from your customers’ public social media activity such as their likes and dislikes, shares and what they are saying and sharing about you or your competitors. Therefore, businesses can use a CRM solution (e.g Salesforce) to better understand the pipeline of sales or prospects coming in, making forecasting simpler and more accurate. Companies will have a clear visibility of every opportunity or lead by knowing their customers through and through which will eventually lead to increased profit. 


  • Offer enhanced customer support and improved product and services

In today’s world, customers expect fast, personalized support from companies, at any time of day or night. Companies can quickly see what products customers have ordered, get a record of every interaction and customers contextual information so they can give customers the answers they need, fast. This is where a CRM system can help you provide the high-quality service that your customers are looking for. CRM software will give you unprecedented insights into how your customers feel and what they are saying about your business. Therefore, you can improve your products and services, spot problems, and identify gaps.


Custella has got your back

Did reading all that complex information make you anxious? Are you thinking about how your company will manage information from now on? Are you even doing it right? Well, you better stop worrying and get Custella’s Fleet Management software to take care of things for you. 

  • Custella has a fleet management tool that can be used to track your every single (on-the-move) operations


  • The software’s ability to work from anywhere, on any device


  • Custella can also manage your vehicle schedule and the orders it carries, along with load management which means faster deployment


  • You can assign the right driver to the right vehicle for the right job essentially and in a matter of seconds 


  • Custella’s app give you features such as Customer360, Photo taking, Digital signature, Route planning, Mileage claims, RFID inventory, Real-time alerts & notifications, Geofencing, Dynamic Reports, and Consignment Fulfilment status. Sorry for using big words, but it simply means that Custella is awesome and will hand things for you


  • Give your customers the Support and Service that they are looking for, including: real-time status updates, fulfilment report, cross border billing, and real-time alerts through their customer portal


  • Evaluate your operations and customer trends for better operational efficiency


In A Nutshell

Businesses starting from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses and finally to large enterprise sized businesses can utilize fleet management software to their benefit. Custella’s fleet management software will revolutionize the way in which you conduct your business. The best tool is one that is carefully selected to fit your business’s unique needs and requirements. Custella’s features and capabilities will do just that.



Lava Protocols is an authorized Custella Partner in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the ASEAN region. Need a field service management software? Drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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