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As a business professional, you would like to succeed in your business and take it to the next level. But what is a key factor in ensuring your business’s success? According to Forbes (2017), it’s a sustainable and positive Customer Relationship. So how can you ensure a positive customer relationship? 


Of course, cloud-based CRM software such as Salesforce with the latest Salesforce features can be a game-changer for any business. After careful analysis of your needs, the latest Salesforce features can help you to understand your customer’s desires even better. Thus presenting to you the latest BIG THREE: Customer 360, Einstein Voice, and Tableau.


Your imagination is now a reality

As a thought experiment, imagine yourself as a customer of an internet service provider, since 2010. Your router is malfunctioning and so you call them to resolve your issue. Upon the serviceman’s arrival, he realizes that you are using an older version of the modem and so he tells you that he has to go back to the HQ and return another day. You are annoyed at the fact that they did not take into account earlier that you are one of their older customers and the serviceman just wasted his time (and yours) by coming over to fix your malfunctioning router without having any prior knowledge about your particular problem. This is the kind of situation that you do not want to be in whether you are a business person or just a regular customer of any business. However, such problems would not arise if the technician used CRM where all the information of its customers can be stored. 


Imagine if your CRM software could:

  1. Manage all your data and create a contextually relevant profile for every customer.
  2. Ensure stable and secure customer login across a company’s digital properties.
  3. Manage privacy, consent, and preferences via a single application.
  4. Capture, unify, activate, and analyze relevant customer data at scale.


Sounds great, right? Customer 360 has got you covered with the aforementioned services. 


The Customer 360 Data Manager that can integrate information regarding sales, services, and marketing into a single global ID to deliver unified cross-channel experiences will undoubtedly make it easier for you to access tailor-made profiles for each customer.


Salesforce Identity for Customers is an authentication service that ensures that all the customer logins are secure.


The Salesforce Privacy and Data Governance will give users the liberty of managing their privacy and preferences which, in turn, will ensure satisfied customers because companies that can convey the message that they care and respect a customer’s privacy exude reliability a key customer ideal.


Data is of utmost importance for customer-centric businesses. To avoid inconvenience, you have the option of using Customer 360 Audiences which will enable you to integrate all the data and analyze it to get only the needful details about your customers.


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A voice that will guide you… literally.

Sara comes home late from work and feels drained. However, she is supposed to work on the CRM software and get the necessary information for the head of marketing. She feels like this work is going to be a tedious process until she remembers that her CRM now has Einstein to assist her work. Recalling how much simpler her work has become, she gets up to finish her assigned tasks. 


Sometimes you just want your machine to be able to understand you without having to type or use any kind of physical input. This is a common feature in smart-phones and computers. Now with Einstein Voice, you will be able to access a voice-activated CRM interface that is customized just for you.


Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Skills will enable Salesforce users to custom-make their versions of the Voice Assistant. “Hey Einstein!” is all that you have to say and your voice assistant will help you with all the necessary work that it is capable of performing. 


Customers are the key to understanding what they want and what better way to get the info than to identify the keywords during the sales calls? Einstein Call Coaching will do just that. It will help you monitor exactly what the customers are talking about to help you gain an edge over your competitors.


How can call centers become more efficient? By providing the right information in the last bit of time possible. With Service Cloud Voice, the agents will have access to the relevant articles and other pieces of information during the call which will be assembled by Einstein.


Have you seen a POWER COUPLE like this before?

If I say ‘Power Couple’, you’d probably think of Beyonce & Jay-Z. One may argue that no other duo can rival them. Or can they? 


The world’s best CRM (Salesforce) with the latest Salesforce features meets the world’s best analytics platform; Tableau is an AI-driven platform that interprets data and presents it to the user in a way that is easiest for them to understand. Tableau’s top-notch analytics ability along with Customer 360’s well-built customer view will not only help businesses understand customers better but also analyze data most efficiently and effectively.


In a nutshell, your business is in safe hands with these “big three”. In a world where consumer demands and expectations keep on changing at a rapid pace, a business must be vigilant enough to understand such nuances and act efficiently. With the all-knowing Einstein guiding you and your crew, Customer 360 keeping track of each and every customer, and Tableau providing you with the most authentic data, you are ready to understand and serve the marketplace with this latest salesforce features.


Lava Protocols is an authorized Custella Partner in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the ASEAN region. Need a field service management software? Drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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