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Imagine yourself walking into a gadget shop with the intent to buy an affordable smartphone that can fulfil your necessities. The sales agent guides you to pick the phone that best suits your needs. You agree to look at the other models even though you have already made up your mind on what you want before leaving your house. After a few moments of comparing different phones, you tell the agent about the particular one that you would like to buy. The agent smiles and praises your choice. She, however, adds that there is a newer model of the same brand that you asked for. 


You take a look at the newer model and immediately get captivated by its unique design and upgraded features. She also tells you that this phone is widely known for its audio quality and you will be missing out if you don’t invest in the latest headphones by the same company. Observing her confidence, you decide to take a moment to play your favorite music with these new headphones on your newly chosen smartphone. Voila! You immediately fall in love with the sound quality. You’re now convinced that a slight increase in price is worth this splendid investment. You leave the shop as a happy customer with your proud new purchases.


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This is a scenario where both cross-selling and up-selling took place. The sales agent successfully conveyed the value of buying a better version of your originally preferred phone (up-selling), while also convincing you to purchase a great quality pair of headphones (cross-selling) to match. You’ll find yourself in situations like this often in physical stores. Now in a world where digitization has taken over, your business can do just the same online with an all-encompassing view of your customer information using the most reliable CRM – Salesforce.


Let’s take a look at some of Salesforce’s offerings when it comes to upselling and cross-selling digitally:


Ways You Can Cross-Sell & Upsell with Salesforce’s features.


1. Know what your customers want inside and out

The winning formula for cross-selling and up-selling is to understand what your customers want through the help of a 360-degree view of your customer’s buying patterns. This will help you to understand exactly what products or services to offer to them, that will be perceived as a valuable upgrade.


Salesforce can identify consumer behaviors and suggest the best upgrade of a person’s preferred product or service along with additional things that they may find of value.


2. Communicate With Your Customers

Salesforce lets you look at the feedback given by your customers. It should only be a matter of time before you can analyze and come up with the best possible offer for your customers based on what they think is necessary and what they believe should be discarded. 

Happy Customers = Profitable Business.


3. Know When To Pitch Your Upgrades

Plenty of potential long term customers are lost in the process of free-trial periods. What you need is to be alerted at the right time about the forthcoming end of the trial period. That is exactly when you need to send them a notification about the renewal along with the upgrades in your products and services.

Salesforce has the option of tracking customer trial periods for your products and service. All you need is to train your boundary spanners to be apt with the Salesforce CRM and they will be able to understand the pattern and bring in more sales than ever before.


4. Learn About Your Consumer Behavior

A great way to understand what your customers want is to see their behavior online. Salesforce enables you to see what websites your target group is visiting and what type of upgrades they are looking for.


Your sales rep can easily track such behavior and as a result, can pitch that new upgrade or a complementary product when they deem necessary.




It is safe to say that Up-sell and Cross-sell are two fundamental aspects of ensuring higher profit for your business. For that to happen though, you will need to understand your customers better than ever before. In a competitive and dynamic business environment, your company can use a cloud-based CRM to get a one-stop solution for it all. Choose the world’s best CRM to this end: Salesforce.


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