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It is during times of crisis, that customers most need hospitals to perform at the highest level of excellence and efficiency. The well-being of entire communities may be at stake. Therefore, it is essential for hospitals to respond to emergencies with the greatest-possible speed and efficiency. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a technology that manages your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Salesforce, a cloud software company, known for its customer relationship management products, expanded its work in healthcare in 2018 as Salesforce Health Cloud. The San Francisco-based company’s CRM software lets organizations track and contact individual customers. Salesforce’s software is not only a tool to manage patient relationships, but also to improve patient health outcomes.


World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020 declared the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) as an ongoing global pandemic. A pandemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads from person-to-person in multiple continents around the world at the same time. As of 22 March 2020, more than 315,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 188 countries and territories. The whole world is in a state of emergency where we are all facing a crisis that will have significant adverse consequences if not properly handled.


Here are 5 ways your hospital can benefit from a CRM software during a global public health crisis:


Quick access to necessary patient information:

Salesforce Health Cloud ensures that every member of a patient’s care team has access to the same electronic health records. Salesforce provides the healthcare team with comprehensive patient data which includes patient’s health conditions and medications, appointment history, and caregiver information. This makes patient consultations much more efficient, eliminates the risk of human error, and saves healthcare providers precious time. 


Therefore, this cloud software provides a complete view of the patient and can even integrate data from medical devices to provide a 360-degree, coordinated view of your patients and their health.


Deliver better in-patient care: 

Salesforce Health Cloud has been top-ranked as a healthcare CRM as the software aims to put patients at the heart of every decision, strengthens patient and healthcare provider relationships, and improves outcomes. To provide excellent healthcare to the patients, Health Cloud ties three important things together: technology, data, and process. This is done by focusing on the patient’s experience, measuring areas of improvement, and by improving it. Health Cloud is designed to do all of this while also meeting international standards and certification and regulatory requirements. With our intelligent technology, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency while delivering exceptional patient experience.


Offer coordinated home care:

Trips to the doctor’s office during a pandemic, where most countries are facing lockdowns and following work-from-home protocol, home care and telehealth services can save time, money, and energy for both patients and medical caregivers without any decrease in quality of care. Health Cloud helps you bring these convenient services to your patients. For infected patients or patients who suspect they have caught the virus can use video conferencing or tele communication for a safer and more accessible way to talk to healthcare professionals. The Health Cloud platform enables you to leverage services that patients can access from the comfort of their homes.


Reduce cost and save time: 

Effective care coordination involving online education, support, and medical treatment can prevent patients making regular visits to the hospital or the emergency room. During a pandemic, hospitals face the most crucial challenges and hurdles. Accommodating hundreds of patients, listening to each and every patients minute details, and providing effective care becomes a challenge. Therefore, when both patients and healthcare providers opt for Salesforce Health Cloud, patients will save a substantial amount of money and time and healthcare providers will be able to provide care and time to more critical patients. 


Analyze larger patient data sets: 

When the pandemic is over, healthcare providers and researchers will have millions of databases to go through. Many countries in the world were not mentally, financially, and resource-wise ready for the COVID-19 pandemic. As healthcare staff are building electronic health record databases, continually adding to patient data, the Health Cloud system can use complex data processes to collect, analyze, identify patient risk factors and initiate an action. The goal is to tie technology, data and process, so that in the future we are more prepared for such an emergency.


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Salesforce may not be fit or ready for every challenge in our healthcare delivery system worldwide, but we must appreciate the patients and healthcare providers who are exploring the opportunities and capabilities of this platform. The goal is to come up with innovative ideas and to focus on greater outcomes. Till then, please take care, stay at home, and strictly practice home quarantine to protect your loved ones and your community.



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