By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Blogger, Lava Protocols

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that something cares for you? Looks after your customers and your customers’ needs? Salesforce is the customer relationship management (CRM) solution that will take care of you and all your departments- including marketing, sales, commerce, and service. It is a single solution that will bring your company and your customers together. 


Salesforce is one integrated CRM platform that will provide you with a single, shared view of every customer. In keeping true to their commitment to support customers, partners and community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Salesforce announced that they are expanding their Salesforce Care program. This program will help organizations to stay connected to their employees and customers more than ever. The new and improved Salesforce Care solution will enable organizations to communicate internally and externally efficiently, increase their inbound capacity and deliver content instantly. In this unprecedented time, Salesforce Care will take care of your customers, employees, partners, and communities. 


Today, Salesforce Care is expanding with additional free solutions to help companies in any industry such as manufacturing companies, garments companies or small businesses, to stay connected to stakeholders, even when everyone is working remotely. The Salesforce Care solutions are available immediately, can be set up very quickly and is extremely user friendly. Also, to help companies of any size to navigate in this challenging and changing time, Salesforce is offering Salesforce Care solutions backed by:


  • Live sessions and onboarding
  • Trails, webinars, guides, and an expert community
  • Technical support for new customers


Technical support


Are you still unsure about how Salesforce Care can be the solution to your problems? Read the three ways the newly added Salesforce Care can assist your company and customers:


Broader Ecosystem for Larger Reach

Salesforce is offering free 24×7 support, coaching, and guidance with Salesforce experts to help customers successfully deploy and use Salesforce Care solutions. All Salesforce Care and accompanying support solutions will be available free to both customers and non-customers for at least 90 days unless otherwise stated. After the 90-day free period, companies will have the option to purchase these solutions or discontinue the services.


Salesforce also launched the AppExchange COVID-19 Resource Center which is a dedicated resource to support employee, customer, and community needs during the COVID-19 crisis with applications built by partners and Salesforce Labs, as well as informative content.


The manufacturing and garments industries have been affected tremendously because of plummeting demand and shutdown of factories. Through these supports, these industries can reach more customers through the best customer relationship management software, Salesforce Care. 


Salesforce Care for Employee and Customer Support

A pre-configured employee help center, customer service, and contact center application is available to respond to inquiries fast, and to keep customers and employees informed. Einstein Bots, communities, and portals are included to empower employees and customers to self-serve. Also, digital engagement tools can help to handle questions you receive across channels like chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The myTrailhead learning platform will empower organizations to quickly deliver digital content and important COVID-19 related information to employees, customers and partners. Access to Marketing Cloud Social Studio will enable companies to monitor COVID-19 conversations relevant to their company and engage with their extended communities on social channels to ensure they stay informed and connected. 


Therefore, by unifying all these internal and external COVID-19 responses, organizations, big or small, can eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline work to provide employee and customer support effectively. 


Salesforce Care for Small Businesses

Small and local businesses are the heart of our communities. In these uncertain times, Salesforce is here to help. Salesforce Care is here to give small businesses resources to help get through the coronavirus crisis.


Salesforce Essentials, the out-of-the-box CRM for small businesses, will be available to support small business customers’ sales and customer service efforts. In times like these, nobody is on a normal schedule. Salesforce Care will help build a 24/7 help center, so your customers are never in the dark. To help build stronger connections as every customer interaction is precious, small businesses can get the tools to understand what customers need and how to quickly make them happy. Lastly, to keep customers informed Salesforce Care can help you to keep your customers in the loop, so they’re there when you’re ready.


Also, Tableau for Salesforce Care will enable small businesses with 20 employees or less, to make data-driven decisions with speed and safety regarding their unique business challenges. It will also help to build trust between the companies and customers by providing access to timely, trustworthy information and this will also boost confidence across your team. Salesforce care will enable small businesses to be more resilient by harnessing the power of data to be more adaptive in the face of constant change.


At Salesforce, we have a responsibility to give back to our communities, and we are using our technology and resources to help in any way we can during the COVID-19 crisis. Staying connected and responsive to customers, employees, partners, and our extended communities is always important, but vital right now when COVID-19 details are changing by the hour. Being informed with real-time information can help increase safety and wellness, as well as reduce uncertainty during these uncertain times. Salesforce Care is here to help you, your business and your community. 



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