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Who would have thought your favorite yoga instructor would be giving you classes right in your living room? When was the last time you woke up late and did not have to worry about facing the wrath of morning traffic? What about the convenience of getting groceries supplied at your doorstep every week? Yes, our lives have transformed significantly in the last six months and buckle up because more changes are coming soon. We are doing online yoga classes now, waking up ten minutes before online meetings, and ordering everything online!

Post pandemic life will not be the same, and technology is forever evolving. Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically redefining customer service as we knew it. AI allows companies to support their customers’ needs in a whole new way; from automated messages to visual search and so on.

The use of AI by service organizations and businesses is projected to grow 143% over the next 18 months — and with good reason. AI-powered Chatbots greatly improve both your customer’s experience and your company’s productivity.

Here are some reasons why you can use Chatbot, AI for customer service to free up your employees and give them more time for complex, human interactions.


Static to Ecstatic Mood

You train customer service employees to be friendly, greeting customers by name, and often recognizing their status or tier of service. Your AI interface can do the same thing. Most customers do not want to fill out forms online and then wait for hours to get a response. They want immediate answers and assistance. Chatbots attend to your customers’ individual needs right away in interactive ways by giving instant replies for enquiry compared to hours or days on normal enquiry.

This way you can transform static and boring enquiry form and FAQ’s to a more interactive, conversation-like interaction.


Omni-Channel Accessibility

Chatbots will bring the answers to your customers instead of prompting your customers to go to an FAQ page on your website. With natural language processing (NLP), chatbots recognize language as it’s used in everyday interactions, making it easy for your customers to get answers. Also, a chatbot can dynamically ask different questions based on inputs from the customer, it creates a more engaging customer service experience.

Research shows that the average customer now uses ten different channels to communicate with companies. For most businesses, that means there are plenty of opportunities to evolve customer service to meet new expectations. You can deploy your chatbot across additional channels. This will help you to scale support when you need to because AI can automate tasks, help your team handle increases in case volume, and respond instantly 24/7.


Access to Human-Like Responses

Business officials often have assistants to handle routine tasks, freeing them up for more strategic problem-solving that keeps the business running smoothly. You can think of chatbots in the same way. You can even program chatbots to pull in values like “First Name” for customers who are already logged in, ensuring bots greet them by name in a friendly and natural way. Just the way a person would reply to messages!

The good news is, once you’ve put chatbots to work, you can focus on evolving them to do even more. They will reply not only with texts but with graphics, interactive menus, location, picture offering listing, prices, product selection to purchase, and more.


Basic Workflows Automation

Empower customer self-service by enabling chatbots to serve guided, step-by-step workflows right within the chat. Ask your team which workflows would be easy for customers to follow. Once you’ve identified a few simple workflows, program chatbots to walk customers through the workflow from start to finish. It can be an interactive step by step guideline for problem resolution.

In the case of complex issues, the chatbot can hand off the conversation to a person. The customer service person will not need to ask as many questions as usual, since the chatbot has captured some customer information already. Now, your team can focus on more complicated case resolutions and chatbots can handle simpler problems.


Enter Fully Equipped Just by the Finishing Line

Your service team will not be wasting time on answering repetitive questions. By the time the chatbot sends them a customer, the service staff gets to skip past by asking general questions, they already have the customer’s details and case details, and all they need to do is pick up where the machine left off!



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