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In this age of instant connectivity, it’s surprising that more than 2 billion people around the world still lack reliable sources of energy. Schneider Electric believes that access to energy is a basic human right and that today’s energy management approaches are unsustainable. In this regard, the company invents technologies that ensure “Life Is On” everywhere.


The Power Of Small Teams

Schneider products and components are installed in many the of buildings in urban centers globally. To manage such operations, Schneider relies on partners like Salesforce across its diverse business. Using the Customer 360 Platform, the IT team at Schneider can unite employees and partners in hundreds of countries with applications that transform how they conduct their business and share data across various departments.

The result: one powerfully seamless unified customer experience.


It Infrastructure Needs To Support Growth

Schneider has grown rapidly for the past two decades, organically and through acquisitions, posing two main challenges for the CIO and IT team. First, they needed to integrate the systems of newly acquired companies. Second, they would need to connect employees around the world — so that any employee could access these systems through a mobile device.

Today, everyone from Schneider relies on mobile technology from Salesforce to work from anywhere in the world

I spend more than 70% of my time on trips. My office is where I travel any day of the week. We operate the company as a team, but the team is enabled by all the new data tools, the fact-based analysis that Salesforce supplies.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Chairman and CEO


Transforming Global Employees, Customers, And Suppliers Into A Unified Team

Schneider’s history with Salesforce began when the company needed a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. In 2010, as part of the “One Schneider” strategy, the company launched an initiative to replace multiple vendors with a single solution shared by all employees.

Initially, the goal was simply to give its global sales teams a 360-degree view of each of their customers and help teams collaborate across disciplines and geography. Salesforce delivered that and also a secure, trusted platform for all the customer data and a growing array of tools to leverage that data.

Before Salesforce, we had maybe a hundred different systems with little silos of customer data. Now, it’s one transversal customer platform.

Hervé Coureil



Driving Collaborative, Customer-first Success

Salesforce’s cloud-based model has become the customer platform that helps the company’s sales teams learn more with every interaction — and it delivers the efficiency they need. With Service Cloud, for example, 4,000 service agents are now able to solve 10 million cases each year.

Salesforce has completely transformed the way we manage our customer base. We now have one version of the truth to rally the company behind.

Chris Leong


Salesforce has become the foundation within the company for customer-centric employee collaboration. This approach now accounts for more than 40% of the company’s revenue and increased customer satisfaction. By creating a unique account for each customer and logging every customer interaction — the company built a repository of 3 million customer records and 10 million interactions.


Customer Data Guides Success And Growth

Schneider is harnessing a new power source to drive business: data. For example, when a building averages 82% energy inefficiency, there is a lot of room for improvement — data is the best way to find incremental efficiencies.

Our value proposition is around efficiency, how to make a process or buildings more efficient — and you can’t do that without harnessing data, leveraging analytics, and turning it into information and predictive intelligence. We wanted to move away from a very process-centric, one-size-fits-all view of the world to a user-centric view. We place customers at the heart of everything we do.


Salesforce helps Schneider become more predictive with each customer. By combining all the customer data with product information, the company is gleaning insights that will inspire new products and services.


This article first appeared on Sourced with the permission of Salesforce. Source: Accessed: 05 July 2020


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