By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Blogger, Lava Protocols


As an authorized reseller and partner of Salesforce in Malaysia, Lava Protocols seamlessly connects sales, marketing, and customer service together and offers their clients an integrated platform. One of the biggest airline companies in Malaysia needed a web and mobile-friendly platform to effectively track complaints, inquiries, compliments, or feedback that are submitted by consumers. Lava Protocols believe what you learn from your customer support interactions feeds into your marketing as well as sales, which in turn impacts your service.

Therefore, Lava Protocols implemented an online self-service platform for the airline company that easily manages consumer complaints, keeps the company and their stakeholders informed on any new complaints received, and works to solve them.


The Self-Service Platform Features

Web Form

The web-to-case feature allows consumers to submit their feedback or complaints via web forms. The route for these cases will be determined based on the assignment rules set by the airline company.


The email-to-case feature on the other hand automatically pushes emails created within the system to the dedicated inbox where the title of the email would become the case title otherwise known as the “subject field” and the content of the email goes into the “description field”.


The primary purpose of the website is to function as the airline company’s information portal and a platform to engage with consumers and stakeholders. Lava Protocols designed and developed a comprehensive website using WordPress which through easy navigation, allows users to find information easily.


The airline company can use the platform to manage any emergency related issues – where the system is configured with workflow automation to immediately respond based on severity levels.

Customer Support

This portal has enhanced the process of the current customer support team with a robust customer care helpdesk process, along with a Field Service custom mobile application.



Happy Customers

Using Service Cloud as a standard complaint management platform helped the airline company track all consumer complaints, stakeholder’s responses, and consumer interactions in an integrated online platform. It has also allowed them to handle complaints faster by integrating case information with Salesforce Knowledge. Customers facing issues with the services only had limited means to raise their grievances via the internal mechanism of the aviation provider. Dissatisfied consumers who felt they were unjustly treated and had no further means to appeal to resolutions provided by the aviation provider now have a platform to report.

Lava Protocols’ competitive advantage stems from the highly differentiated portfolio of services and products it offers and manages for its customer base, alongside the crucial ability to provide world-class solutions. This airline flies 40,000 guests daily to more than 50 destinations worldwide making customer satisfaction and experience a key priority for the airline. The customized online self-service portal by Lava Protocols has improved customer service and has impacted positively on the airline company’s passengers.




Lava Protocols is an authorized Custella Partner in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the ASEAN region. Need a field service management software? Drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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