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Technology has changed our lives; I remember hearing this a lot in the late 90s. Even though I was too young to understand what the internet or computers meant but the adults around me were especially fascinated. Fast forward to the year 2020, and our lives have changed immensely, thanks to technology.

We do not even have to stop and ask for directions as applications on our phones can take us everywhere! We can buy plane tickets to the other side of the world with a few clicks online, without even talking to another human being! We have become truly independent. We are now self-servicing individuals.


What is a Self-Service Portal?

That brings me to the topic of self-service portals. Self-service portals exist to empower and to enable your customers to find information, to request services, to resolve issues, to buy products and services, and so on. Using a self-service portal can feel like going into an online ‘store’ where your customers can obtain various products and services. In simple words, a self-service portal is a website that offers information, products, and resources to help your customers to find answers and to resolve their issues.

The two most common types of self-service portals are customer self-service and employee self-service. While the content and user experience often vary dramatically between these two types of portals, both can be built using the same technology. The job of any self-service portal is to help users address common needs efficiently and without or minimal outside help. Your self-service website can consist of self-service and self-help functions for your customers. This will save you time and money, and these portals can also help free up your employees to work on innovations to help your company grow.



Why Should You Have a Self-Service Portal?

Self-service portal features and requirements can vary from company to company, but here are some benefits among self-service portals:

Be There for Your Customers

Self-service portals can answer your customer’s queries with the knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQ) content. Whether it’s a consumer wanting to troubleshoot a product that’s not working or an employee wondering about company vacation policies, the self-service portal will provide answers and information.

Customers Like Them

Self-service portals solve problems quickly and efficiently. Customers today like finding their own answers and solving problems for themselves in their own time without having to travel to customer’s service outlets. These portals provide information beyond the basics to commonly asked questions and that arms customer with increased knowledge about your products and services.

Boost Your Online Site Traffic

Customers believe in word of mouth and it is still one of the most effective marketing and promotion tools available. You can get bloggers, YouTubers, or a social media influencer to share your self-service content on their platforms. This will increase your visibility among their audiences and will attract more potential customers.

Save Time

Customers nowadays want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems as quickly as possible. Self-service portals will let your customers handle many tasks on their own, without the need for a service appointment or phone call or having to stand in customer service lines!

Lava Protocols has delivered many self-service portals to our customers particularly those looking to improve their customer satisfaction and experience. These could be B2B or B2C companies as well as non-profit and Government agencies looking to simplify and ease the experience of their audience and users. Your own self-service portals can serve your employees as well and are a cost-effective way to increase employee productivity, reduce customer wait times, and deliver personalized support. It is a versatile tool with personalized service that is available 24/7 to all its customers. As a customer, after using your self-service portal they will feel more empowered and in control of their concerns.



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