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Does it matter if your password is hard to guess? How important is it to secure your information? How do you know that your password will keep you and your information protected? Your personal, business, and any other form of information is important to you; We tend to protect things that we love and care about. When you put such information in an intangible entity like the cloud system, we understand that it can make you worried. However, the cloud computing system is not necessarily less secure than other online contexts, but it creates new problems, new risks, new threats, and at the same time new opportunities. 

There is a silver lining to every cloud, and this is especially true for the cloud system. Cloud can be described as a network-accessed, off-site data storage, where more and more individuals, companies, and even government organizations are choosing to store their valuable information. Cloud services erase the need for expensive on-site hardware installation and upkeep and can be accessed by any authorized user over any standard web browser, from anywhere in the world. Likewise, cloud services allow for limitless scaling, so growing businesses won’t find themselves having to replace their data infrastructure every few years just to keep up with demand. Therefore, it is safe to say that cloud services create accessibility and less hassle for you!

Your data is safer in the Cloud and here are some reasons why:

Cloud is Safer Than Physical Servers 

The cloud effectively eliminates several security concerns, simply by virtue of being located off-site in your office or home compound. Disasters, break-ins, and resentful employees do not have access to the physical servers that make up the cloud. Most cloud providers ensure that access to data is closely monitored, meaning that no one can put your company secrets onto a flash drive and walk out the door.

Cloud Ensures Safety of Client Data

Cloud providers depend on skilled cyber security teams backed by the latest security technologies and resources. Effective cloud providers offer security solutions to you at every security level, including infrastructure security, network security, and application security, to counter threats both internal and external.

Cloud Offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is an effective way to increase protection for user accounts against common threats like phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and account takeovers. You can amplify your organization’s security by requiring an extra level of authentication for every user login. With MFA, users are required to prove they are who they say they are by providing two or more pieces of evidence—or factors—when they log in. One factor is the user’s username and password combination. The requirement for additional factors is satisfied using a verification method that the user has in their possession.




Cloud is Trusted By All

The future of data security in the cloud is a bright one. 83% of IT leaders say they feel more comfortable with their knowledge of cloud security than they did five years ago, and as improving security policies and practices remains the top critical priority for IT teams for the immediate future, more and more organizations are going to be able to experience for themselves just how secure off-site data storage and application building tools can be.

Migrating to The Cloud

Migrating infrastructures, applications, information, or services to the cloud requires careful preparation on your side. You can start by understanding that any cloud-based deployment, whether building out a new infrastructure or building a new application, requires clear communication between your business, IT, and security team. Clear communications help organizations to avoid new risks. Successful cloud migration also requires successfully migrating security to the cloud, enabling organizations to deploy and manage a single, consistent security framework that spans the entire multi-cloud infrastructure. Salesforce, the leading authority in cloud-based CRM, recognizes the need for a secure cloud. To provide clients with the most secure solutions possible, Salesforce incorporates a range of security tools into every service they provide. In fact, Salesforce provides a community hub for real-time data on Salesforce system performance and security, in the form of Salesforce Trust. Salesforce Trust is a website that gives users use to access the security status of every Salesforce platform, so they can see immediately how protected their data is. Service availability, privacy, compliance, and security are all presented with total transparency. Essentially, with Salesforce, trust is built right in.

The Salesforce Cloud Platform can deliver cloud security intelligence, intelligent prevention, encryption at rest, and auditing capabilities into every app designed on the platform. After all, when cloud solutions offer the best security available, it only makes sense to incorporate those solutions into every business process. Salesforce and the Salesforce Platform make cloud security a reality for you and your business. We want you to experience it for yourself!

Why don’t you sign up today and see just how brilliant the cloud’s silver lining can be?





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