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ADAERO360 is a flexible online 360⁰ assessment tool that offers organizations a definitive solution to realizing employees’ potential. With the ADAERO360 solution, built on scalable cloud platform, the user experience has evolved to become not just friendly but intuitive. This simple solution is browser-based and mobile-friendly; making it accessible anywhere, anytime.

The true success of an organization rests in its people. People are made of opinions, thoughts and suggestions. A 360⁰ review allows your organization to achieve its true potential by empowering the people to provide balanced perspectives and holistic assessments of their teams. The organization that allows its people to grow will invariably grow.

Complete Assessment

A holistic review of the entire team, including a self assessment of participants. Multi level assessments are done for and by supervisors, subordinates, and peers. The self assessment then gives the participant an opportunity to benchmark his/her view of himself/herself against that of the rest of the organization or team.


Hierarchy Assessment

There are 3 options for the Hierarchy Assessment, i.e. Manager, Subordinate and Peer assessment. Each of the these roles defines the type of assessment that is used to measure and review the participants. For example, the Manager assessment is meant for all managers to be assessed by their subordinates. Similarly, this can be done for Subordinates or Peers.

Selective Survey

The Selective Assessment is designed for external evaluator groups and/or participants. This assessment works for parties that only interact with selected individuals within the team or within a project. The evaluators are able to select the participants that they want to evaluate. Alternatively, the participant can nominate the best evaluators who can describe their performance in their evaluation.

ADAERO360 now supports survey type assesments due to popular demand. Surveys are conducted to evaluate objects (such as: events, products, services) and how the reviewer (the subject) responds to these objects. The results highlight the key factors that can be made to improve the object.

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