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Retailers That Went Bankrupt & What We Can Learn

E-commerce has completely changed the face of business in today’s world, especially with the entry of Amazon, the world’s largest e-tailer (and a nightmare to retailers).  The founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, started the company by first...

Nobody Likes Paperwork!

A large stack of papers comes part and parcel with being disorganized, which in turns leads to more stress and anxiety. So its less a matter of “why”, but more of a question of “which” field service app is best suited for particular users.

Google’s Got It All!

Google has approximately 7 to10 billion searches each day! Fascinating isn’t it? I think it’s safe to say that Google’s algorithm for its search results is not equivalent to anything else in the world.

Cashing In The Big Bucks

Custella is how service organizations can maximize their service delivery and reduce excessive spending. It can make field agents more efficient with scheduling, dispatch tools, and mobility solutions, and also give greater insight to products and key client data

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