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Why Are Malaysians So Gullible?

Apparently, I was involved in money laundering and drug smuggling activities. The police officer I was talking on the phone with claimed I had illegally obtained RM2.28million, which is currently sitting in my OCBC account (an account which I don’t even have!) and gave me the names of 3 suspects involved — all of whom claim I was an accomplice…

Outdoors, Alone, And Overloaded

Are your employees feeling overwhelmed and/or demotivated? Your employees are talented, as otherwise, you wouldn’t have hired them in the first place. What if you gave them a chance to see how they are performing against everyone else?

This Is How Hackers Are Fooling You & Your Business

Last year, approximately 1.5 million patients’ non-medical records were stolen from the SingHealth database. To add to that, about 160,000 patient’s medical records — including that of the current Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s — were accessed illegally.

Why Your Kids Ought To Learn Coding

Research has revealed that approximately 1 million people are needed to fill in positions in the science and technology field by 2020. If the younger generation isn’t equipped to meet this need, then we have reason to worry.

The Choice for AI To Be Good or Bad Lies With Us

By Aishath Nashaya Imad, Marketing Intern, Lava Protocols I’ll admit, I’m kind of scared of robots. Well actually, I’m petrified. But, who isn't? Growing up, all we see in movies is the portrayed ascendancy of artificial intelligence (AI) and our inevitable conflict...

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