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What is a CRM?

Traditionally, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems enabled companies to manage business relationships and served as a central system to store customer & prospect contact info, sales opportunities, and past communications to provide the best experience for each customer.

But today, some CRM solutions have evolved beyond that definition to act as the central platform that powers other business units such as marketing, customer support, e-Commerce, and more.

If you wish to get a complete overview of what a CRM system does, click here to download The Complete CRM Handbook.

Why Should I Choose CRM Over Excel?

Good question! Excel is powerful, reliable, flexible… and a terrible substitute for customer relationship management. Why? Because while Excel is great for what it was designed to do (crunching numbers), there are many things it can’t do, like:

  • Storing 360° customer profiles & relationships
  • Generating & converting leads
  • Guiding business processes
  • Real-time reporting
  • Acting as the single source of truth
  • Working on the go
  • Managing tasks, emails, meetings, and calls
  • Integrating with marketing automation & customer support solutions

Salesforce Sales Cloud:

The World’s Best CRM Solution


Generate Leads

Capture leads via website, email, phone (CTI), spreadsheet, or scanning business cards.

Convert Leads

Automatic assignment, surface & convert the best leads using AI-based lead scoring.

Activate Contacts

360° view of all customers along with their past purchases, and suggestions for cross-selling.

Close Deals

Sales Path helps everyone in your team follow your formula for success & close deals fast.

Generate Quotes

Add products, apply discounts, generate PDF quotations, and email it in seconds.

Optimize Campaigns

Determine which marketing efforts work best with automatic ROI calculation.

Offer Stellar Service

Manage incoming support tickets, set agent KPIs, and view agent performance reports.

Forecast Sales

See your projected pipeline and react in real-time with data-informed decisions.

Workflows & Approvals

Automate business processes using a powerful drag-and-drop builder & approval workflow.

Control Access

With granular security controls, you can make sure no one accesses or exports sensitive data.

Mobile Productivity

Capture leads, update records, plan your day, and view reports all within your mobile.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time updates on all your reports.

Email Integration

Access your customer info right from your inbox with Gmail & Outlook integrations.

Phone Integration

Record calls and link them to your customer profiles with CTI connectors.

Productivity Suite

Create notes, reminders, tasks, calendars, and share documents right within Salesforce.

Adaptable UI

Each user sees only parts of the system that are relevant to their job. This keeps their layout simple & clutter-free.

So Much More Than a CRM


While a customer management software like Salesforce® offers tonnes of features, what sets it apart is its powerful platform, You can build mobile-first apps with low code and easily integrate the platform with third-party data. With such a function, businesses and partners can therefore build all kinds of business solutions beyond what any other CRM solutions can offer.

Salesforce CRM App Builder

App Builder

With the Salesforce® App Builder, you can create new apps without coding and have them work on both web and mobile instantly.

Salesforce CRM Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to extend and adapt Salesforce® CRM to your workflow and store any type of data you need.

Salesforce CRM AppExchange


The Salesforce® AppExchange enables you to extend Salesforce® with apps for finance, HR, IT, analytics, and so much more.

Configure, Price, Quote


Does your business offer a large number of products, configurations, and add-ons? Salesforce® CPQ (Configure, Price Quote) makes your sales process a breeze with Guided Selling, easy discounts, proposal & contract templates, purchase orders, and invoices. Watch the video to see it all in action.

*Salesforce® CPQ is an optional add-on for Salesforce® Sales Cloud CRM.

Einstein Analytics


Pull in data from sales, marketing, service, and any other data source and view it all one place. Powered by an Artificial Intelligence, Einstein Analytics can automatically alert you to sales insights based on your CRM data and allows you drill-in for more details. Press play to see it in action.

*Einstein Sales Analytics is an optional add-on for Salesforce® Sales Cloud CRM.

Beyond Sales


Sales is only part of your business. On one end, you have to invest in marketing efforts to reach and attract your target audience to make a sale. On the other end, making a sale is only the start of a relationship with a customer, and building a strong relationship means investing in your customer service experience to keep your customers happy. With customer management tools such as Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, you can offer an unparalleled end-to-end experience.

Marketing Cloud Overview

  • Marketing Channels: Email Campaigns, Mobile Messaging, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Landing Pages
  • Marketing Platform:  Cross-Channel Journey Builder, Content Builder, Personalization Builder, Analytics Builder, Marketing Cloud Connect
  • Data Management Platform:  Central Data Store, Audience Segmentation, Audience Graph, Audience Activation

Learn More

Service Cloud Overview

  • Service Console with Omni-Channel Routing
  • Social Customer Service
  • Live Messaging (Website, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, SMS)
  • Support Community
  • Knowledge Base
  • Field Service

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