Location-Powered Apps

More Than Just a Map

You might have heard of location based apps but not so much about their benefits. Let’s just say it’s the digital version of a hidden treasure. We’re here to not just tell you why you need it but also help you build it. Lava Protocols is a leading Google Maps partner in Malaysia with customers in 5 other countries in the region.

30+ customers across APAC

Store Locator, Asset Tracking, Workforce Management

iOS & Android users from 10 countries globally

Innovative solutions deployed by certified consultants

Analytics Reporting

Find out the physical location of your customers, the places they shop or visit frequently. Analytic reporting can show data as specific as you want them to be. This location-based feature allows you to find out:

  • The location of your nearest competitors
  • Location of your active viewers
  • Places where your ad-campaigns are performing the best
  • The buying habits of your customers

Gain better visibility by leveraging on the platform we offer with these features:

  • Create rich, dynamic maps in seconds
  • Dashboard signals
  • 45 degree imagery
  • Address autocompletion
  • Analytics
  • Directions
  • Distance Matrices
  • Drawing Tools
  • Enterprise Support
  • Forward and Reverse Geocoding
  • KML Rendering
  • Real Time Traffic
  • Static Maps
  • Street View
  • Styled Maps
  • Support for Different Devices
  • Business and POI Search

Places Of Interest (POI)

What benefits your customer will also benefit you – and the advantages of POI  is truly endless.


  • Suggest places that might be of interest to your customers
  • Tag POI’s along your customer’s road trip route
  • Notify customers about events happening around them
  • Identify attractions or public transport near you

Store Locator

Signboards? Why not point out where you are with different coloured pins on the map?


  • Make it easier for customers to find your retail locations
  • Treat customers to discounts by checking-in to your location
  • Push notifications to customers when they are near any one of your stores

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Being on time is as important as being on point.

  • Find out your ETA to a meeting or notify your customer about it
  • Be on top of your workforce management by tracking the location of your mobile team and optimize task delegation
  • Get to your customers in a flash based on the best real time routes
  • Gamify your customer’s experience by turning every campaign and ad into something fun

Find out when a customer walks in or out of your business perimeter with GeoFencing 

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