Are you leaving money on the map?

80% of data has location info on it

10% only is used to power business decisions

What is Location Intelligence (LI)?

Use the best location intelligence softwares to make smarter decisions

Seeing Your Data

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive, live map is worth a thousand data spreadsheets.

Turning Data into Action

Location Intelligence (LI) turns your location-enabled data into business outcomes which were previously unattainable.

Enabling Untapped Growth

Everything happens somewhere, right? The power for Location Intelligence can be in every of industry, across cloud, on-premise and mobile.

The Complete LI Business Solution


While taking advantage of location data isn’t a new idea, the explosive growth of connected, GPS-enabled smartphones has made it possible to employ location data at scale.

As a Carto and Google Maps Partner in Malaysia,, we can help you unlock the power of LI in your company by pairing your data with the world’s most sophisticated LI Engine (Carto) on top of the world’s most comprehensive maps (Google Maps) platform, and we do it at a fraction of what it would cost to build a traditional GIS solution.

Location Intelligence for Your Business



  • Fraud Detection
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Site Planning


  • Risk analysis
  • Territory management
  • Geomarketing


  • Smart Cities & IOT
  • Citizen Services
  • Open Data

Real Estate

  • Investment Analysis
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Indoor Mapping


  • Site Planning
  • Indoor Mapping
  • Geomarketing

Transport & Logistics

  • Fleet Routing & Tracking
  • Territory Management
  • Mobility Planning


  • Network Deployment and Optimization
  • Data Monetization
  • Geomarketing

Healthcare & Pharma

  • Territory Management
  • Performance Management
  • Healthcare Factor Analysis

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View How Tourists Spend Their Money Across Spain In Real Time (Carto)

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