By Erica Hill

There is no question that email marketing has a big impact on consumers. According to the Salesforce 4th annual State of Marketing report, email marketing has experienced 106% growth over the past two years, making it the second top-growing marketing channel. This means it is able to drive measurable success around awareness, engagement, and acquisition for brands of all sizes and across all categories.

Unfortunately, the secret is out. Multiple brands are vying for your customer’s attention via email every single day. It’s critical that your message breaks through all that noise. So, if you want to win the battle of the inbox, you need to start by creating personalised, data-driven messaging that resonates with your customers’ wants, needs, and interests. And you need to start using the right content management system.

Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder may be what you need. lets you do just that, allowing you to design emails that do the heavy lifting for you — all with a few simple clicks and not a single bit of code.

Email marketing has experienced 106% growth over the past two years…

Content Builder is a cross-channel content management system for creating, managing, and editing all of your content. It’s designed to work in the way your team works — whether in code or via plug-n-play HTML.

Whether you’re new to Marketing Cloud, a legacy customer ready to migrate from Classic Content, or an existing user interested in understanding all of its core features, our team of experts are here to help. Till then, here are a few of our favourite new features:


1. Dynamic Content: Deliver a Personalised Experience

Dynamic content blocks allow you to target specific audience segments with precision, all without the hassle of manipulating data. Not only does dynamic email content mean you can operate at a manageable scale, but it’s also able to deliver a more personalised experience which your customers have grown to want, need, and expect.

Dynamic content is also a huge time saver. It lets you customise data-specific sections within one email (tailored to specific customers), which helps avoid the need to build multiple, customised versions of the same email.

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2. User Permissions: Ensure Your Team’s Content Maintains Brand Standards

Want to make sure the colours, styles, headers, and design elements are consistent with all your brand? New Content Builder permissions help you maintain brand consistency. Now, you can lock specific content areas and configure approvals to better control how and what you communicate with your customers!


3. Subscriber Preview: Hit the Send Button with Confidence

Have you ever held your breath when you pressed “send”, panicking that you might have left “test” in the subject line (or something even worse)? We’ve all been there before.

Content Builder’s subscriber preview allows you to preview your emails — even those that are personalised by your own CRM data — before sending them out.

Its pre-flight features help ensure that the final email you send is, indeed, the final version that you intend to send out. No breath-holding necessary!


4. An Accelerator That’s Perfect for Your Creative Team

The new Marketing Cloud Content Builder Accelerator provides recommendations, best practices, and enablement options to help your team manage, build, and customise content in a more streamlined manner.

You can now optimise the content creation process to ensure that whatever you send out uniquely drives engagement. It uses a “walk with me” tutorial to guide you through new features and tips, which all results in:

  • reduced publishing time
  • improved content curation
  • increased collaboration
  • tailored recommendations based on your business’s specific goals and objectives

The Accelerator covers everything you care about (and need) most: building content blocks, creating templates, publishing emails, and customising your communication to align with brand guidelines and maintain messaging consistency.

Whether you’re part of a small team that has to wear multiple hats or a large team with a clearly-defined governance model, we can help you identify the features that will allow you and your team to work smarter, not harder.

Want to learn more about how your team can get more out of an investment in Marketing Cloud? Contact us here

Article first appeared on the Salesforce Blog.

Lava is an authorised Salesforce Partner in Malaysia and has more than a decade of experience in cloud solutions which includes marketing automation, CRM implementation, change management, and consultation. We pride ourselves in not just being a CRM partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.

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