By Prethiba Esvary, Marketing and Communications Executive, Lava Protocols


It’s fast. It’s beautiful. And it’s incredibly powerful.

I’m talking about lightning of course. No, not the one you see in the sky (although the same description applies too). I’m talking about the upgrade from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.

The goal of Salesforce Lightning is simple: To help you increase your productivity. This is supported by data from Salesforce which indicates that productivity and collaboration increased by 40%.

If you’re still stuck in old ways, I mean in Salesforce Classic, then this article is for you. We present to you 5 reasons why you ought to get an upgrade:


1. Better UI and UX Experience

Have a look at the images below and you’ll know what I mean.

Salesforce Classic – All Opportunities View

Salesforce Lightning – All Opportunities View

Salesforce Classic – Specific Opportunity View

Salesforce Lightning – Specific Opportunity View

You can see that the appearance of the entire platform is much more user-friendly, to allow users to have a more interactive and immersive experience. It is built to be app-friendly so that users can have a better experience even on their mobile.

I mean, wouldn’t you want to have a better view of your opportunities and have a better visual of your lead progress?


2. Quick view of sales performance

Instead of going to reports and selecting the right columns and filters to generate a report, you can now view your (and your team’s) quarterly sales performance on the home page.

Image source: Salesforce

Note: The chart only displays opportunities that are closed or open with a probability of more than 70%.


3. Quick view of important updates

Get your daily dose of updates once you log in. Updates comprise:

  • Leads assigned to you today
  • Opportunities with overdue tasks
  • Opportunities with no activity in 30 days
  • Opportunities with no open activity
  • Overdue opportunities (overdue – if they’re still open after the close date)

Image source: Salesforce


4. Automate processes easily

A lot of service companies operate using multiple, disconnected systems. A bank for example has various systems for various functions. This is why sometimes when you make a call, you are passed from one operator to another. This is frustrating for the customer. This is why having a good workflow is key. Coming up with a process automation akin to how you would purchase a movie ticket online, isn’t simple. You’ve got to integrate all your systems, then create the process logic, build a beautiful UI and UX, and add this to every customer touchpoint.

With the Salesforce Lightning Flow, you eliminate all of this complexity. With low-code and drag and drop functionality, you can build the process automation you need to deliver great customer experience.

Watch this video for more information.


5. Mobile Ready UI

Why switch between the Salesforce mobile app and desktop app when you can just be logged into one application? Salesforce Lightning allows you to do just that. It’s desktop and mobile-friendly feature allows for a seamless shift from one device to another. Users can log data and make updates anywhere and anytime. It can even be used offline, and then sync data once you are back online!

Bringing It All Together

All in all, Lightning is built to help you work smarter, derive insights faster, automate processes in a simple manner.

This ultimately boosts the productivity of you and your teams and helps you to provide personalised and connected customer experiences.


It is also crucial to note that all current and future product releases from Salesforce will be available in Lightning, not on Classic. So, don’t make the switch when it’s too late!

If your concern is that you’ve done a lot of customisation on Salesforce Classic, fret not. You can still upgrade to Lightning and keep some parts of your customisation in Classic version.

We can do this for you. Contact us now.


Lava is a cloud service provider and an authorised Salesforce Partner in Malaysia. We have more than a decade of experience in cloud solutions which includes marketing automation, CRM implementation, change management, and consultation. We pride ourselves in not just being a CRM partner but in also understanding the needs of our customers and taking their business to the next level.

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