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In December 2019, the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months, it spread to other countries with cases doubling within days. As you already know, it is the global pandemic; Coronavirus. Being a businessman or a service provider, it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers are getting the value they deserve. But more importantly, at a time like this, it is ever more important that you ensure social distancing at your workplace. To make sure that your business runs smoothly despite working remotely from home, Salesforce can help you log in from anywhere. So in what ways can it help you cater to your customers during this global pandemic?


Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software. This means that it has access to the internet. You can log in from anywhere with any device and at any given time. This amount of flexibility is not just restricted to you but for the entire company! The current virus outbreak has forced us to work from home. Any CRM software that is dependent on the intranet will not be able to let the users access it from remote places. However, Salesforce can give you the liberty of working from home. It gives you the option of doing cross-functional and cross-departmental work. All that is needed to assign people in different roles in the dashboard of the software and the users will be able to update information from their own device. Whether you are the CEO of the company, the marketing lead, or a sales representative, you can make sure that all the departments have a smooth flow of information. With Salesforce, you are up to date with the latest features and cater to the needs of your customers that Salesforce helps you to analyze.


Salesforce is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of the major names. Its state of the art technology makes sure that all your data are safe and secure. It complies with the latest privacy and security regulations. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology makes sure that all your information is protected using data encryption and server authentication. Salesforce ensures a secure environment using advanced technology such as the firewall to prevent intruders from accessing your information. So working remotely will not be alarming for you since the server is not in any mainframe that can be hacked while the workers work remotely from home. The bottom line is that no matter where you work from, your information will be safe and sound.

Understand Online Behavior

Most of the shopping is being done via online mediums due to the pandemic. This is a major opportunity for you to understand what customers really want. Using Salesforce, you will be able to see what kind of products and services your customers are more interested in purchasing. This will better equip you with knowledge regarding consumer behavior and help you to strategize your sales that can provide greater value to your customers and keep them happy.  Even during the times of outbreak, you can easily track your customer’s behavior and provide to their needs as you deem fit.


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Customer Care

During a time when social distancing is the most important thing that we all can do to hinder the pandemic, communication via phones is greater than ever. The salesforce customer care team is there to help the customers at any given time to ensure that the pandemic does not cause any kind of inconvenience to them. As a businessman or a service holder, no matter what kind of issues you face with the Salesforce, the customer care officers will be able to handle the matter from a remote area and solve your issue. This can be done because Salesforce has online connectivity and so there is no need for the service providers to come and visit you to fix your technical problems (or spread germs).

We Are Here For You

During this moment of crisis, it is of utmost importance that the businesses are able to sustain themselves and cater to their consumers. Taking everything into consideration, Salesforce’s leadership, product, support, and customer success teams are meeting continually, to analyze and calibrate essential business processes in real-time, as the COVID-19 pandemic develops.

To know more, see the COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement.

Salesforce services and customer support are not affected by COVID-19 and it will keep on continuing its regular service. We hope that you keep yourself and your family safe.



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