By Izzuddin Zurin Azlan, Lava Protocols

We hope you and your loved ones are keeping well in these unpredictable times. 


We at Lava Protocols offer the greatest gratitude and prayers to all the frontliners fighting daily struggles for your sacrifices in the tireless battle to contain the unprecedented growth of the global pandemic that the World Health Organization (WHO) has named Covid-19. 


Coronavirus Covid-19


As a seasoned partner of Salesforce in Malaysia, we would like to extend a helping hand to your struggles by passing on an open gateway offered by Salesforce to aid the combat efforts against the growing pandemic. The offer of a Salesforce Care package especially designed for use as an Emergency Response Support System that offers the following to be there in your place and take a major load off your backs and keep you always a step ahead:


1. “Pre-Configured Health Cloud Org

To help manage increased volume of health-related requests via phone and chat with an emergency response contact center solution. Powered by Salesforce Health Cloud.


2. Encryption, Audit Trails and Monitoring

To help ensure the privacy and security of data to meet internal and external compliance requirements like HIPAA in the US. Powered by Salesforce Shield.


3. Self-Service Resource Center

Distribute trusted information from a personalized, self-service resource center to help inform HCPs, patients, members and communities and help offset the higher call volumes. Powered by Salesforce Community Cloud and the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.


4. Learning Platform

Quickly distribute the latest safety and testing protocols to enable staff and ensure certification through an on-demand, learning platform. Powered by Salesforce myTrailhead.


For full view on the Salesforce release article including the above quoted phrase, kindly follow the link: No Cost COVID-19 Care Response Solution


A demonstration video has been crafted to ease you in your journey of discovery to illustrate the pieces of the puzzle that makes up this intelligent Care Package.


Help us to assist you breeze through these difficult times with the key to managing your patients leveraging on industry grade solutions, lightening up the weight on information management, access and distribution legally with a built-in adoption for instant adaptability. We’ll help you adjust to the “new normal”, Now. 


Let us be your guide on technology and in consultation to the new normal. If you are interested to know more or simply want to have a chat, please don’t hesitate to get back to us by: 





Disclaimer: Some contents and links included are sourced from Salesforce Press release and publicly available resources with consent for their mention. All rights for the intellectual property of these quoted contents are owned by Salesforce.

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