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Can Tech Startups Stay Nimble While Growing?

The culture practiced during the initial stages of a tech startup forms the backbone of its company in later years. 

Is Blue And Red Ocean Still Relevant Today?

Game-changing Technologies and Critical Issues Predicted to Disrupt the Future of Your Industry

The Culture of BYOD

Is the practice of bringing your own device to work a perk or a setback?
We’re creatures of comfort and habit – so it was only a matter of time until we decided to bring our favourite mobile device from home to work…

Dear CIOs, It’s Your Time To Shine In This Digital Age!

Although the ultimate decision-making power and success lie with the chief executive officer (CEO), it looks like the chief information officer (CIO) is increasingly becoming the brain behind making the success happen.

How Ready Are We With IoT In Malaysia?

The Internet of Things (IoT). It has a monumental ring to it, doesn’t it? And like its name, the capabilities this term holds are just as big, if not bigger.The concept of IoT goes something like this…

Cyber Crime Awareness by OneMyr Management, Sponsored by Lava Protocols Sdn Bhd

“Siapakah Pahlawan Alam Maya”, a Cyber Crime Awareness program was recently organized at various schools in Malaysia…

How Bad Customer Management Totally Ruined My Holiday

Lack of communication is the secret recipe to losing a customer.

How Can Companies Practice Disruptive Innovation, And Avoid Failure?

Disruptive technology – Kryptonite or boon?
The term is enough to set business leaders reeling either in anticipation or fear. But is the possibility that someone might reign over your success a bad thing?

Lava Protocols Summit highlights the importance of Google Geo Suite offering

Lava Protocols Sdn Bhd recently partnered with Google for an informative session on 10th October 2013 at the Gardens Hotel and Residences, Kuala Lumpur.

SMBs should just give cloud a go

Benefits of adopting cloud computing outweigh risks, say market watchers, who urge smaller businesses to take the plunge alongside key considerations including vendor selection and data backup.

Google Geo solutions can help in anti-haze efforts

Cloud-based solutions provider Lava Protocols Sdn Bhd, now the authorised master reseller of Google Geo suite solutions, says its product could help with early detection of forest fires…

Using Technology to Engage and Retain Employees

Technology that focuses on people internally is gaining traction due to onboarding and learning experiences one can get. Does this mean human interaction is no longer needed?



BFM: Empowering Women In Tech

Ever wondered what’s it like for a women to work in a tech industry? Wonder no more as Lava’s Director of Digital Solutions, Vanitha Nair and Corporate Communications Manager, Ruba Nackeeran speak about the reality of working in the industry based on their experiences.

BFM Marketing Talk: Why Your Digital Ads Fail?

4th November 2016: Norhafiz, Creative Director of Lava Media discusses on BFM’s Marketing Talk the wrong practices utilised by companies when it comes to their digital ad routines.

BFM Tech Talk: Data Visualization

On 12th July 2016, Vanitha Nair, Cloud Solutions Manager and Jasraj (RJ) Sandhu, Business Analyst from Lava Protocols discussed about how companies can benefit from Data Visualization. Tune in to this podcast to learn more!

Bernama Radio: Aiming for the Cloud

Lava Protocols’ Project Manager, Riswan Effendi and Business Analyst, Azrel Rahiman shared about Lava Protocols and a background about Cloud Computing and how businesses can leverage on it.

BFM: Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is a hosted service delivered over the Internet mostly through SaaS which could mean endless innovation in this space. Here with explain all this is Andrew Thomas, Director at Lava Protocols…

BFM: Clearing The Air About The Potential Of Cloud Computing

Gopi K Ganesalingam, Managing Director of Lava Protocols Sdn Bhd, talks about the early beginnings of his cloud computing firm, staff size, partners and footprint.

BFM: Spam Box to Smash Box!”

On 14th June 2016, “Spam Box to Smash Box!” from Tech Talk on BFM radio by Nurhafiz Abdul Hamid, Creative Director and Aishath Inaya, Chief Technical Director from Lava Media discuss about digital marketing and where we are with it in today’s market.

BFM: Social Media Reality

Gopi Ganesalingam, Managing Director and Arjunan Arichandran, Business Development Manager for Lava Protocols talks about to transform your business to the new social reality thanks to the development of social media

BFM: Cloud for SMBs

Earlier this week, we talked about how cloud computing is not being embraced fully by Malaysian companies unlike other developing markets like Japan and Australia. Gopi Ganesalingam, Managing Director at Lava Protocols believes SMBs should just give cloud a go…

BFM: 360 Employee Assessments

Kana Sabaratnam, General Manager Lava Labs talks about the importance of 360 employee assessments and how cloud tools such as ADAERO360 address this need.

BFM: Cloud for Education

Universities and other educational institutions now have high tech networks in place and there is a need to integrate them in a flexible way by utilizing cloud computing…



TV Interview: How to Stay Nimble While Growing

Hear the thoughts of Andrew Thomas (Executive Director of Lava Protocols) on the evolution of startup companies as they grow from being a start-up to a full fledged company.

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